Red Storm basketball is an all-Indian youth basketball program made up of youth from The 5th Direction program tribal communities.  Red Storm teams have played at the UCLA American Indian Youth Conference and Basketball Tournament, Warm Springs All-Indian Teen tournament, Santa Rosa Youth Tournament, Reno Teen Tournament and the 5th Direction sponsored Capitol City Classic in Sacramento.
5D Skate team is a program for Native American youth in California. Eligible youth are competition ready skaters! Team members will receive complete skateboards and equipment. Team member activities include trips to competitions throughout California and the West, Tours of classic West Coast skate parks, as well as attending camps and workshops! All registration and travel cost are covered by the program!

Handgames, or stickgames are a traditional game played by many tribes throughout Native America. The game is played with humor, spirituality and power beyond contemporary understanding. The importance of this game traditionally far exceeds the knowledge taught in western society. This demonstration will teach Native youth about traditions and the cultural aspects as well as spirituality of the game, which is sometimes forgotten today. The game also teaches young people to avoid negativity and to keep a positive outlook and clean mind, body and spirit to achieve success for your people. Subjects such as culture, abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as one another is taught and youth learn that success in traditional culture must be achieved with purity and respect.

This Demonstration is a 1-2 hour demonstration and play

Calvin Hedrick, Cutural Director
The 5th Direction
Cultural Programs for Tribal Communities





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